ASDA Chapter’s Penny Wars Supports City Youth Now

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Dollar bills are negative points. Do we smell sabotage?

There’s only one week a year when a penny is worth more than a nickel, dime, dollar or Benjamin. During Pacific Dugoni’s ASDA Chapter Penny Wars fundraiser, students, faculty and staff competed against each other as they collected pennies to rack up points while “nickel-and-diming” opposing teams to inflict negative points. The winning team was determined by the greatest number of (positive) points. But having the most pennies doesn’t necessarily lead to victory, as a $20 bill in an opponents’ jar can wreak havoc in the final hour.

This year the faculty and staff took first place with 33,061 points. A total of $2,216.43 was raised through the Penny Wars fundraiser, and all donations will go directly to City Youth Now.

ASDA Penny Wars 2014

City Youth Now is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that supports youth in foster care and juvenile justice systems by providing funds for services and programs that promote stability and personal growth.

“Penny Wars was a great event that displayed one of the core values of Pacific Dugoni: philanthropy,” said Jeong Yun, ASDA community outreach coordinator. “Everyone’s willingness to contribute reminded us that we are truly a family. On another note, we will make sure to ‘nickel and dime’ the faculty and staff next year!”

Pacific Dugoni’s chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) provides opportunities in dental education, advocacy and community service. All Pacific Dugoni students become members of ASDA and have an opportunity to participate in chapter activities. Learn more about ASDA’s activities here:

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Women Dentists Take the Lead: Celebrating the First Year of AAWD at Pacific Dugoni

AAWD members hold a bake sale.

As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, the Pacific Dugoni chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists celebrates its first year and reflects on hopes for the future. The AAWD is a national organization dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of women through education and outreach. Melissa Styles DDS ’14 and president of the Pacific chapter of the AAWD shares what inspired her to start a chapter at Pacific Dugoni:

“I was able to meet several of the national leaders at a conference for Successful Women last summer, and I was immediately inspired by their stories. At the University of the Pacific, we embrace all of our faculty, students and patients, and I knew a chapter of the AAWD would only bring more positive influence on the relationships of the people within the Pacific Family.

“We have had several meetings now, where the amazing women faculty of Pacific have shared their stories of overcoming obstacles, becoming mothers and striving towards becoming excellent dental clinicians. We’ve shared tears, we’ve shared laughter, and more importantly, we are becoming closer in our relationships and providing the support we need in a traditionally male field.”

Many of Melissa’s academic and professional choices have been guided by a heart for service. She was still an undergraduate student when she heard Dr. Arthur Dugoni speak on the importance of serving the community as a dentist, and his words resonated strongly with her. She became active in the community at her university and later served three years with the Peace Corps in a village in the South Pacific. At the Dugoni School of Dentistry, she has been able to serve the San Francisco community as well as her colleagues through various activities, including the founding of an AAWD chapter.

AAWD revised

In collaboration with the Larkin Street Youth, the AAWD reaches out to mentor young women interested in health careers. Melissa hopes to build a lasting relationship with the Larkin Street Center to continue to help young women navigate the path towards health professions.

The AAWD may be the new kid on the block, but it’s intelligent, bold and passionate. We’re looking forward to seeing how this community will grow at our school. Here’s to many more years of women leaders in dentistry!

Spread the Word to End the Word on March 5

Pacific Dugoni students participate in campaign to end the use of the “r-word.”

Take the pledge on March 5 and help put a stop to hurtful language. Pacific Dugoni students in the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry student club along with faculty advisor, Dr. Allen Wong, will be spreading awareness of the pervasive effects of the “r-word” – “retard(ed).” Visit the table in front of Café Cagnone on the second floor of the dental school to take a pledge to stop using the r-word and to treat all people with respect.

Pacific Dugoni students helping to spread the word on March 5

Pacific Dugoni students helping to spread the word on March 5

Words are both a reflection of our attitudes and the building blocks of culture. Changing perceptions can begin by changing the language we use. The “r-word” is exclusive, offensive and derogatory to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities

“Working with patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities has shown me how deeply hurtful the ‘r-word’ can be,” said Michael Suh, DDS class of 2014 and president of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry student club at Pacific Dugoni. “When people carelessly use this word, it makes it seem OK for our generation and the upcoming youth to recite this in our everyday vocabulary. It’s a negative cycle that continues to happen, and people must understand that special needs patients are a part of our community and must be treated with respect.”

“Spread the Word to End the Word” is a campaign led by Special Olympics, Best Buddies and other supporters to raise awareness of the derogatory use of the “r-word” and to encourage people to pledge to stop using the word. The day of awareness is held annually on the first Wednesday of every March. In addition to encouraging people to take the pledge, Spread the Word to End the Word also provides resources to encourage honest and respectful discussion.

The Dugoni School of Dentistry believes that all patients deserve to be treated with dignity. The Special Care Clinic offers dental services to people with special needs and is staffed by faculty who are trained to treat people with developmental and psychosocial considerations.

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